Short answer:  About one and one half to two cents per square inch, more for quilts that have complexities that will require more setup and work.

However.....The short answer isn't the best answer.  The best way to find out how much having your quilt assembled and quilted on a LongArm machine is going to be is to bring it to us.  We will spread it out and look at it, and talk about the quilt and your desires.  What is the quilt to be used for?  WHO is if for?  These aspects of your quilt are as important as how big it is, what type and color of thread you want and how straight the seams are.  What quilting pattern and stitch length do you want?  As a quilter, you are an artist, and when you bring your quilt to us to put on the LongArm quilting machine, you and I will be collaborating as artists, to produce something beautiful, useful and treasured.  If you're not local or not otherwise able to bring your quilt top to me, we need to talk on the phone, and when you're comfortable sending your quilt to me, I'll look at, and then we'll talk some more.

Having said that, here is a more detailed description of what to plan for in pricing:

Overall Quilting…….any design that covers the quilt from edge to edge without regard for specific areas of the quilt. Examples include meandering, pantographs, and simple free-motion quilting designs typically executed in 3-5 hours for a queen-size quilt.
Average price range: $0.01 to $0.02 per square inch & up ($13 to $25 per square yard)

Custom Quilting……quilting that differentiates a certain area of the quilt from other parts; for example, a quilt with meandering in its center portion with a separate border design is “custom” quilting. This includes skills such as stitching in the ditch, using more complex free-motion designs, crosshatching, individual motifs, taking anywhere from 5-15 hours per queen-size quilt.
Average price range: $0.015 to $0.05 per square inch & up ($20 to $64 per square yard)

Heirloom Quilting….dense, heavy quilting, often including specialty techniques such as trapunto, micro-stippling, tight crosshatching, feathers, more intricate free-motion designs, stitching in the ditch, small background fillers, custom block/border motifs, etc. Heirloom quilting can take anywhere from 10-40 hours per queen-size quilt
Average price range: $0.035 to $0.09 per square inch & up ($45 or MORE per square yard)

Let’s take a look at how these “per square inch” numbers would relate to completing a typical quilt. An average queen-size quilt’s dimensions are 90 inches wide by 100 inches long. To find the number of square inches in a quilt, simply multiply the length times the width. So a queen-size quilt would have approximately 9,000 square inches (90 X 100 = 9,000). The range below shows you what you could earn with each style of quilting!

     Overall Quilting            Custom Quilting           Heirloom Quilting
$90 - $180      $135 - $450    $350 & up