Saturday, June 9, 2012


This quilt was done from a pattern called “Revolution” from Abbey Lane Quilts ( by a customer for her granddaughter.  The top went together easily, and the pattern lends itself to a wide variety of color schemes.  The young woman for whom it was made wanted a “purple quilt that isn’t a baby quilt”.

The back of white polka-dots on a solid turquoise lends itself to the color scheme of the top without being repetitive to the pattern.

Merle chose a feathers and circles for the quilting design, with meandering circles in the borders.

Friday, April 27, 2012

“Goodnight Moon” Quilt

This customer’s quilt was assembled from fabric printed with images from the children’s bedtime book by Margaret Wise Brown. Published in 1947, “Goodnight Moon” is a “classic of American children’s literature”. “Good Night Moon” is a rhyming poem with illustrations that include details such as a clock that progresses from 7PM to 8:10 PM during the story and a mouse that appears on every page.
The quilt is a little bigger than crib blanket size, about 40 X 60 inches.
The fabric for the back is a “Goodnight Moon” print, and the quilting was done freehand with loops, crescents and stars.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Checkerboard Quilt - Fun, Quick, and Easy!

Here is an idea for a quilt that is both functional and fun.  This twin bed size quilt is also a giant checkerboard!
We purchased enough extra fabric to make checker pillows that stuff into a carry bag so that the checkers-in-the-bag double as a pillow.  A busy and fun design was chosen for the backing fabric, and a bright yellow solid for the binding.  It’s a simple design that was done – start to finish – in just one day. 
Total materials cost was less about 70 dollars, time to quilt it on the long-arm quilting machine was less than 2 hours, including set-up and loading.